One Hell Of A Year

Well praise tha damn LAWD, it’s been one Hell of a year!! And what an wicked way to send it off! Our friends from All Ends Black and TELL Yo MAMA were goddamn amazing! Thank you, Griff, for spending a meaningful evening with us, and jammin the Hell out of that harp during All Will Be Gone! Thanks to all of the People’s Temple Peeps that made it out last Saturday….and all the rest of shows and festivals we were blessed to play at this year!! You have truly earned a place in Providence at the right hand of Tha Man…Jim Jones. Now we’re taking a break for a couple of months to record and write new music. The next time you will see us live is at The Avenue, January 23rd with Black Jake and the Carnies.

Thank you all for making this the best year we lowly carrion birds could have EVER hoped for!

We’d like to give a special thanks to The Media Advantage and Elm Street Recording for spending so much time, effort and creativity on us. You guys are true artists, and we now have a video to last the ages that we are very proud to call our own. You guys kick serious ass…THANK YOU!

See ya next year!!


Click here to view the video for Whiskey River Ride.

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